5 Cool Solar Powered Gadgets That You Must Buy

When the whole world is worried about the climate change and its negative effects on our planet, there are few people who are actually working to bring a change. Yes, right now solar power is raging as it brings positive impact on our mother earth. And what is surprising is that many cool solar powered gadgets are available in the market and that’s why is making this renewable energy popular among the people.

Solar Charger

The problem of low charge in phone is what almost all of us have faced.  To combat that situation now there is solar chargers. All you got to do is keep them in the sun for few hours and you are sorted. They charge your phone faster and you can carry wherever you want.

Solar backpacks

The solar backpacks may not look stylish but they are quite useful. Thin solar modules are attached to the external part of the backpack which actually provides power. And the best part is that while you are hiking in the sun you can charge your phone, iPod, camera and tablets in it. Cool, isn’t, it?

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

Have you ever wondered that you will have wireless keyboard powered by solar energy? Logitech has done that for you.  The wireless keyboards do not require any wire or batteries to run, rather they get powered from both indoor and outdoor light. Keep them in the sun to get them charged and then you are sorted for almost three months.

Solar Window Charger

Here is another smart charger for your phone that is powered by solar energy.  Attach the chargers on your house or car window and let them feed on sunlight.

Solar Powered Portable Speaker

Now music lovers can enjoy music outdoors with solar powered portable speakers.  You charge it for just few hours and you can enjoy music for full 10 hours on Bluetooth streaming. Be it camping, or barbecue, or beach you can carry it anywhere and enjoy music.

These cool solar powered gadgets are not only useful but also beneficial for our planet. So take a step forward to make our mother earth cleaner and a better place to live.

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