What we do?

  • Our company focuses on construction and designing of turnkey photovoltaic projects.
  • Successfully developing renewable energy by building several solar projects.
  • We provide comprehensive backend services for designing and engineering of Photovoltaic projects.

How we do it?

  • We ensure our clients with principled, fair and transparent dealings.
  • We personally take care of the quality of our services that we deliver in order to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.
  • With skilled and proficient engineers, we make sure that our technology matches the level of global innovations.

Where we play?

  • Solar Hardware Manufacturers.
  • Engineering Procurement & Construction Firms.
  • Owners (Investors/Developers).
  • Off-Takers/ System Buyers.

Since our company is entirely based on increasing the consumption of renewable sources of energy in order to save our environment, we hardly focus on branding and selling of products. However, we ensure our clients with the quality of services along with customized solutions to all the problems related to photovoltaic and solar projects. In order to ensure with highest ratios of our performance, we also support projects that are based on operation and management as well.