Advantages of Solar Water Heating

Water heating services are very expensive as heating water requires a lot of energy. Studies suggest that on an average, every household spends more than 18% of their domestic electricity to heat water. This electricity that we use in our homes and offices is produced from fossil fuels, mostly gas and oil. While many people use their home water boilers or geysers when only required but many still keep them running 24×7, which wastes a whole lot of electricity

The need for hot water is apparent in many homes and is also crucial for many industries and manufacturers. But using precious fossil fuels and electricity to heat water is neither practical nor sustainable in our 21st century modern world. Using solar water heaters for our hot water needs is the best option we have that saves electricity as well as saves money.

Here are a few benefits of using solar powered water heaters.

Free, Free, Free!

As you might know that it doesn’t cost you anything to harvest the power of the Sun. The best thing is that a solar water heater takes a whole lot less space, when compared to conventional solar PV panels. A conventional family home would only need 2 or 3 panels of 2m x 1m to provide the luxury of 24×7 running hot water. Plus, the fact that there are no extra costs of heating water in this manner makes it environmentally safe and practical as well.

Efficient and cheap

Using solar powered water heater are also a very efficient and are found to be absorbing and transforming 80% of the sun’s radiation on its surface into heat energy. They are also economical to install with 2 or 3 panels being sufficient for domestic purposes. This helps you save money on electricity and fuel bills, and this also means that you use less fossils fuels to heat your water at home, which in turn means that you are causing less pollution.

Less pollution

The very fact that you’ll be using the Suns’ power to heat your water at home means that you’ll not be using precious resources like fossil fuels and electricity. Plus, if you generate enough energy, both residential and commercial properties are entitled to claim the renewable heat incentive. This helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and also reduce the amount of pollution generated to produce enough energy to heat the water.

If you plan to install solar powered water heaters in your home or office, it is recommended that you hire a professional to first check the installation site to predict their efficiency.  The most efficient way is to use a combination of solar PV panels along with solar water heating panels to maximise output and to ensure optimal performance.

Regular maintenance is also recommended as a few components, like the water pump, and anti-freeze might need to be check from time to time to avoid any major damage or operational issues. The attached water tank also needs regular cleaning to keep the water clean and avoid any clogs or leaks.

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