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When the whole world is worried about the climate change and its negative effects on our planet, there are few people who are actually working to bring a change. Yes, right now solar power is raging as it brings positive impact on our mother earth. And what is surprising is that many cool solar powered gadgets are available in the market and that’s why is making this renewable energy popular among the people.

Solar Charger

The problem of low charge in phone is what almost all of us have faced.  To combat that situation now there is solar chargers. All you got to do is keep them in the sun for few hours and you are sorted. They charge your phone faster and you can carry wherever you want.

Solar backpacks

The solar backpacks may not look stylish but they are quite useful. Thin solar modules are attached to the external part of the backpack which actually provides power. And the best part is that while you are hiking in the sun you can charge your phone, iPod, camera and tablets in it. Cool, isn’t, it?

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

Have you ever wondered that you will have wireless keyboard powered by solar energy? Logitech has done that for you.  The wireless keyboards do not require any wire or batteries to run, rather they get powered from both indoor and outdoor light. Keep them in the sun to get them charged and then you are sorted for almost three months.

Solar Window Charger

Here is another smart charger for your phone that is powered by solar energy.  Attach the chargers on your house or car window and let them feed on sunlight.

Solar Powered Portable Speaker

Now music lovers can enjoy music outdoors with solar powered portable speakers.  You charge it for just few hours and you can enjoy music for full 10 hours on Bluetooth streaming. Be it camping, or barbecue, or beach you can carry it anywhere and enjoy music.

These cool solar powered gadgets are not only useful but also beneficial for our planet. So take a step forward to make our mother earth cleaner and a better place to live.

We, homo sapiens, cannot imagine our lives without the sun. Initially, we worshipped, but soon as we realised its powers we started taking a practical approach. Today solar power has become an integral source of energy. Gradually mainly people are shifting to this source of renewable energy as it not only saves money but also our planet.

Though solar power is trending now, but its usage dates back to the 7th century when humans made fire using magnifying glass with sunlight. Historians report that Archimedes used sun’s heat to destroy enemy ships. Supposedly a collection of mirror was used to create heat rays through sunlight.

It was in the year 1767, a Swiss scientist named Horace -Benedict de Saussure invented a solar collector. It was an insulted box which has three layers of glass for absorbing sunlight. It was popularly known as solar oven during that time.  In 1839, a young French physicist Edmund Becquerel discovered that voltage developed when sunlight fell upon electrolyte. And this was the major breakthrough in the evolution of solar energy. A few decades later, Willoughby Smith discovered photo-conductivity of selenium and some years later he found that this material produced solar energy. It was Charles Fritts who first designed solar cells that were based on selenium wafers.

In the year 1904, in Albert Einstein’s paper he mentioned about the relationship between light and electrons. As there was no experimental evidence many didn’t want to believe it. But was finally proved in 1916 when Robert Millikan experimented out the effect of photoelectric.

Finally the birth of solar cell happened in 1954 under the supervision of three scientist of Bell Labs- David Chapin, Calvin Fuller and Gerald Pearson. They invented a device that converted sunlight into electrical power. After this discovery, there has been no looking back. Gradually solar power gained prominence all over the world and today it is considered one of the most in-demand renewable energy as it brings positive impact on our planet.

Solar power has done wonders to our lives. Not only it has brought positive impact on the planet but also reduced hefty electricity that we have been paying all this while. India has also started promoting this natural source of energy and today it has world’s first solar powered airport.

Cochin International Airport in Kerala is one of the busiest airport is now totally run on solar energy. In fact it has stopped paying electricity bills as thousands of solar panels spread across the airport site produces energy for it. Even though it had installed the panels three years ago, but the whole scenario changed when the airport management commissioned Bosch to replace the wasteland near the airport to a solar power plant. This plant built on 45 acres of land produces almost 60,000 units of electricity which is more than enough for the airport’s requirement.  Talks are now on to extend the plant further to provide power supply to the international terminal that is now under construction.

This initiative taken by the airport authorities has reduced the energy bill to one third and it is assumed that this plant will reduce 300,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from coal in the coming 25 years.  This move by Cochin airport has earned it a lot of accolades from far and wide. And it has also become an inspiration for all Indians, so much so that Kolkata International Airport now plans to set up 15MW power plant on 60 acres of land.

In the coming years, solar energy will be cheaper than coal, and this will lead to emergence of many more solar power plants. This will largely help in fighting pollution and restoring our natural resources.

It is just a matter of time and hope that India grows into one of the leading solar power producers, bringing great impact in the lives of its citizens.

In this sweltering heat, when there is a power cut, we start cribbing. But have we ever thought how some people in our country survive the scorching summers without electricity. Yes, Dharnai village, in Bihar was one such place where people led their lives without electricity.

Once, this small village was provided with this facility by the state government, but soon there was lack of infrastructure and finally electricity. For almost 33 years Dharnai was in gloom even though diesel generators were available, it was too expensive for the villagers.  So, in 2014 Greenpeace took the initiative to bring electricity to this village along with two other Non-Governmental Organizations- BASIX and CEED( Centre for Environment and Energy Development). And what resulted was that Dharnai was the first village in India to be entirely powered by solar energy.

Yes, it was solar power that revolutionized the lives of the villagers, who once saw nothing but darkness. The 100 kilowatt powered 450 household consisting of nearly 2400 residents, 50 commercial establishments, two schools, streets, water pumps for farmers, and health centre. And even there is a battery backup to provide electricity whenever it wasn’t sunny.

It has been almost two years since this village has got back electricity powered through solar energy. And things have drastically changed!  From economic to health to entertainment, Dharnai has seen progress in every aspect.

That’s the story of a small village in Bihar that reborn just like Phoenix. Many such small villages are still without electricity, in a tropical country that receives 3000 hours of sunshine. If NGOs and government makes use of this unlimited energy, then every home in India will see light and a better future for sure.

Water heating services are very expensive as heating water requires a lot of energy. Studies suggest that on an average, every household spends more than 18% of their domestic electricity to heat water. This electricity that we use in our homes and offices is produced from fossil fuels, mostly gas and oil. While many people use their home water boilers or geysers when only required but many still keep them running 24×7, which wastes a whole lot of electricity

The need for hot water is apparent in many homes and is also crucial for many industries and manufacturers. But using precious fossil fuels and electricity to heat water is neither practical nor sustainable in our 21st century modern world. Using solar water heaters for our hot water needs is the best option we have that saves electricity as well as saves money.

Here are a few benefits of using solar powered water heaters.

Free, Free, Free!

As you might know that it doesn’t cost you anything to harvest the power of the Sun. The best thing is that a solar water heater takes a whole lot less space, when compared to conventional solar PV panels. A conventional family home would only need 2 or 3 panels of 2m x 1m to provide the luxury of 24×7 running hot water. Plus, the fact that there are no extra costs of heating water in this manner makes it environmentally safe and practical as well.

Efficient and cheap

Using solar powered water heater are also a very efficient and are found to be absorbing and transforming 80% of the sun’s radiation on its surface into heat energy. They are also economical to install with 2 or 3 panels being sufficient for domestic purposes. This helps you save money on electricity and fuel bills, and this also means that you use less fossils fuels to heat your water at home, which in turn means that you are causing less pollution.

Less pollution

The very fact that you’ll be using the Suns’ power to heat your water at home means that you’ll not be using precious resources like fossil fuels and electricity. Plus, if you generate enough energy, both residential and commercial properties are entitled to claim the renewable heat incentive. This helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and also reduce the amount of pollution generated to produce enough energy to heat the water.

If you plan to install solar powered water heaters in your home or office, it is recommended that you hire a professional to first check the installation site to predict their efficiency.  The most efficient way is to use a combination of solar PV panels along with solar water heating panels to maximise output and to ensure optimal performance.

Regular maintenance is also recommended as a few components, like the water pump, and anti-freeze might need to be check from time to time to avoid any major damage or operational issues. The attached water tank also needs regular cleaning to keep the water clean and avoid any clogs or leaks.

We all know that our fossil fuel reserves are decreasing drastically each day and we have to find an alternative energy source soon. Solar power is definitely an alternative that we should all adopt as it’s absolutely free and perpetually an unlimited source of energy. Many households and commercial organizations have already transformed their homes and businesses to harvest the power of the Sun, in the hopes, that one day solar power will become a major source of energy.

It is well known that solar power gives you the ability to cut down of your electricity bills by reducing your power consumption and dependency on the national power grid. Usually solar panels have a life of 25-30 years and pretty much provide you with free electricity, during its entire lifetime.  In other words, it is more of an investment rather than an expense!

Cut-down electricity bill

Image1The most vital reason to switch to solar power is to reduce your electricity bills. Solar power uses the suns energy which is abundant here on this planet, and transforms it into electricity, for free. Using solar power for most, if not all appliances at home will significantly reduce your consumption of conventional sources of energy. This benefit alone will save tremendous amounts of money which can be used to further upgrade your solar powered appliances for better results further in the future.

Renewable and Environment friendly

Image3Conventional electricity is usually generated using precious fossil fuels or from nuclear reactors, both of which are tremendously harmful for our environment and are non-renewable. These processes are also a major pollution concern, and our dependency on them further escalates the environmental issues. Solar power on the other hand is clean and also renewable; it is abundant and is also in a manner of speaking and unlimited source of power. It has no ill effects on the environment and creates no polluting waste.

Low / no maintenance needed

Image2The usual solar panels have an operational life of more than 25 years, but the best thing is that they require low to no maintenance post installation. Regular equipment check is recommended to keep the system running at its peak performance and since there are none but a few mechanical and moving parts it requires very little maintenance which also costs close to nothing.

Apart from these benefits, solar power also helps to reduce your overall carbon footprint, which suggests your individual pollution count. Implementing solar power systems in residential areas alone is suggested to reduce more than 3-4 tons of carbon emissions annually. In other terms, its equivalent to planting 100 trees every year. It is also found that residences with solar power systems get greater property valuation and are also easier and quicker to sell.

Imagine the implementation of solar power systems on a much larger scale in industries and commercial building which are also major consumers of conventional electricity and are also major pollution concerns. They too can reduce their overall carbon footprint and reduce their dependency on conventional electricity generated using fossil fuels or nuclear power plants.