Another feather in the cap for India, as Punjab gets world’s biggest rooftop solar plant. Last month the Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal inaugurated a solar planet at the Saomi Sect headquarters in Beas. This 139 crore project by Radha Saomi Satsang Beas Educational and Environmental Society (RSSBEES) in technical collaboration with Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) is spread across 82 acres. It is a great initiative to promote clean energy and the plant is expected to generate 150 lakh units of power and this is going to reduce 19,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.  It will cater to the electricity needs of 8000 households

When the whole world is worried about the climate change and its negative effects on our planet, there are few people who are actually working to bring a change. Yes, right now solar power is raging as it brings positive impact on our mother earth. And what is surprising is that many cool solar powered gadgets are available in the market and that’s why is making this renewable energy popular among the people. Solar Charger The problem of low charge in phone is what almost all of us have faced.  To combat that situation now there is solar chargers. All you got to do is keep them in the sun for few hours and you are sorte

We, homo sapiens, cannot imagine our lives without the sun. Initially, we worshipped, but soon as we realised its powers we started taking a practical approach. Today solar power has become an integral source of energy. Gradually mainly people are shifting to this source of renewable energy as it not only saves money but also our planet. Though solar power is trending now, but its usage dates back to the 7th century when humans made fire using magnifying glass with sunlight. Historians report that Archimedes used sun’s heat to destroy enemy ships. Supposedly a collection of mirror was used to create heat rays through sunlight.

Solar power has done wonders to our lives. Not only it has brought positive impact on the planet but also reduced hefty electricity that we have been paying all this while. India has also started promoting this natural source of energy and today it has world’s first solar powered airport. Cochin International Airport in Kerala is one of the busiest airport is now totally run on solar energy. In fact it has stopped paying electricity bills as thousands of solar panels spread across the airport site produces energy for it. Even though it had installed the panels three years ago, but the whole scenario changed when the airport management comm

When our mother earth is threatened by Global warming and rising level of pollution, environmentalists are on the lookout for some solution that can combat this situation.  And that’s when solar energy comes to our rescue. The solar power boom in the whole world has not only brought environmental gains but also economical and personal gains for the people. Like other parts of the world, India too has started harnessing solar energy. As it receives almost 300 days in a year, it has the potential to produce enough solar power. In fact the states like Gujarat, West Bengal, Andh

In this sweltering heat, when there is a power cut, we start cribbing. But have we ever thought how some people in our country survive the scorching summers without electricity. Yes, Dharnai village, in Bihar was one such place where people led their lives without electricity. Once, this small village was provided with this facility by the state government, but soon there was lack of infrastructure and finally electricity. For almost 33 years Dharnai was in gloom even though diesel generators were available, it was too expensive for the villagers.  So, in 2014 Greenpeace took the initiative to bring electricity to this village along with t

Solar panel technology has witnessed as quantum jump, but the technology has an imperfection that restricts the competence of the system. The panels must face the sun to function, but the heat from this exposure reduces their capability to convert light into energy. The warmer they get, the less effectual they turn out to be. This problem has puzzled the industry for years, but the Stanford team may have discovered a material that can help disperse this extra heat without disturbing the process of the solar arrangement. Well, the breakthrough innovation comes from a team of engineers from Stanford University, who have invested a futuristic w

Water heating services are very expensive as heating water requires a lot of energy. Studies suggest that on an average, every household spends more than 18% of their domestic electricity to heat water. This electricity that we use in our homes and offices is produced from fossil fuels, mostly gas and oil. While many people use their home water boilers or geysers when only required but many still keep them running 24x7, which wastes a whole lot of electricity The need for hot water is apparent in many homes and is also crucial for many industries and manufacturers. But using

We all know that our fossil fuel reserves are decreasing drastically each day and we have to find an alternative energy source soon. Solar power is definitely an alternative that we should all adopt as it’s absolutely free and perpetually an unlimited source of energy. Many households and commercial organizations have already transformed their homes and businesses to harvest the power of the Sun, in the hopes, that one day solar power will become a major source of energy. It is well known that solar power gives you the ability to cut down of your electricity bills b

Solar powered street lights have been around for quite some time but were never really quite popular. With the help of modern technological advancements, solar powered street lights are ready for resurgence with better efficiency and many additional features. Solar powered street, like any other solar powered appliance, are powered by photo-voltaic cells, set inside panels. These panels are then mounted atop the pole. The appliance also has a rechargeable battery which stores the transformed energy during the day to use it during the night. Usually, most solar power