About Benara Solar

Solar Lanterns

Lanterns which harness the power of the Sun

A Solar Lantern which is also known as Solar Lamp, or Solar Light, is a combination of multiple technologies, which includes an LED lamp, solar panels, Battery, Charge Controllers, and an Inverter. It works pretty much the same way as any other solar appliance, where in the photo voltaic cells convert sunlight into DC current which is stored in the battery. Later on when the lantern is switched on, the inverter converts the DC current stored in the battery into AC current, which finally powers the LED Lamp. Click here to view more

It was intended to replace conventional kerosene lamps and candle lanterns in the rural areas and reduce the rural population’s dependency on fossil fuels. Solar lanterns also have no ill health effects when compared to conventional kerosene lamps and provides an unlimited source of illumination for a lot cheaper price than a month’s ration of kerosene.