About Benara Solar

Rooftop Solar Panels

Don’t let the sunlight on your roof go to waste:

Rooftop Solar panels are a great way to generate free electricity using the photo voltaic cells to harness the energy from the Sun. Rooftop solar panels can be used as an independent power generating system and can also be used in conjunction with the existing power grid. Such rooftop panels are specially engineered and designed to simplify the distribution, installation and maintenance as simple as possible. Click here to view more

Rooftop solar panels can be used to power almost every household appliance, including lights, fans, televisions, refrigerators, computers, etc. A small 1 kW rooftop solar farm can easily load up to 300 watts of energy every day. However you do require an inverter to use the power stored as solar panels transform solar energy into DC current which need to be ‘inverted’ to AC current for using to power your household appliances.