Power of Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar powered street lights have been around for quite some time but were never really quite popular. With the help of modern technological advancements, solar powered street lights are ready for resurgence with better efficiency and many additional features.

Solar powered street, like any other solar powered appliance, are powered by photo-voltaic cells, set inside panels. These panels are then mounted atop the pole. The appliance also has a rechargeable battery which stores the transformed energy during the day to use it during the night. Usually, most solar powered street lights are equipped with sensors which can detect outdoor light automatically. They can also last for several days without sunlight.

Here are a few benefits of using solar powered street lights.


  1. Solar powered street light are somewhat perpetual machines. You can always cunt on the Sun to come up and charge its batteries during the day. Later at night the stored energy in the battery is then fed to the bulb to illuminate our streets. And the fact that it is still operational even after several days of no sunlight exposure makes them a highly efficient and reliable.
  2. Solar powered street lights are completely independent of the national power grid and are also very quiet in operation. Apart from the sunlight tracking device and motors to guide the panels, the rest of the appliance is also maintenance free. Plus, it generates no additional pollution during its operation which makes it highly sustainable and safe for the environment, and the fact that its operation is free of cost, saves a lot of money which can be used to purchase more solar powered appliances.
  3. Solar powered street lights require very less in terms of maintenance and there only but a few mechanical and moving parts. There are very few cases where major maintenance was needed after installation. After it is installed, it is completely independent and requires only but the sun every other day.

Our dependency on fossil fuels and unstable fusion generate power has a very significant effect which is deteriorating our environment more and more every day. As a result the phenomenon of Global Warming has now become a serious threat. By using more solar powered appliances for our daily needs and adopting solar power in general will considerably reduce the looming dangers of Global Warming. It is not a permanent solution, but is guaranteed to slow the process of Global Warming and its effects, till a better alternative is found. Solar power is both sustainable and reliable and has been around since the 1950s, but has only gained noticeable momentum in the recent years due to modern technological advancements, reduced production costs and greater availability.

Other expenditures like such as installation costs and scheduled maintenance costs are subjective but are comparatively way cheaper than traditional street lights and considering the other advantages of solar powered street lights, they are somewhat of an investment rather than an expense.

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