Why is Solar Energy Essential

We all know that our fossil fuel reserves are decreasing drastically each day and we have to find an alternative energy source soon. Solar power is definitely an alternative that we should all adopt as it’s absolutely free and perpetually an unlimited source of energy. Many households and commercial organizations have already transformed their homes and businesses to harvest the power of the Sun, in the hopes, that one day solar power will become a major source of energy.

It is well known that solar power gives you the ability to cut down of your electricity bills by reducing your power consumption and dependency on the national power grid. Usually solar panels have a life of 25-30 years and pretty much provide you with free electricity, during its entire lifetime.  In other words, it is more of an investment rather than an expense!

Cut-down electricity bill

Image1The most vital reason to switch to solar power is to reduce your electricity bills. Solar power uses the suns energy which is abundant here on this planet, and transforms it into electricity, for free. Using solar power for most, if not all appliances at home will significantly reduce your consumption of conventional sources of energy. This benefit alone will save tremendous amounts of money which can be used to further upgrade your solar powered appliances for better results further in the future.

Renewable and Environment friendly

Image3Conventional electricity is usually generated using precious fossil fuels or from nuclear reactors, both of which are tremendously harmful for our environment and are non-renewable. These processes are also a major pollution concern, and our dependency on them further escalates the environmental issues. Solar power on the other hand is clean and also renewable; it is abundant and is also in a manner of speaking and unlimited source of power. It has no ill effects on the environment and creates no polluting waste.

Low / no maintenance needed

Image2The usual solar panels have an operational life of more than 25 years, but the best thing is that they require low to no maintenance post installation. Regular equipment check is recommended to keep the system running at its peak performance and since there are none but a few mechanical and moving parts it requires very little maintenance which also costs close to nothing.

Apart from these benefits, solar power also helps to reduce your overall carbon footprint, which suggests your individual pollution count. Implementing solar power systems in residential areas alone is suggested to reduce more than 3-4 tons of carbon emissions annually. In other terms, its equivalent to planting 100 trees every year. It is also found that residences with solar power systems get greater property valuation and are also easier and quicker to sell.

Imagine the implementation of solar power systems on a much larger scale in industries and commercial building which are also major consumers of conventional electricity and are also major pollution concerns. They too can reduce their overall carbon footprint and reduce their dependency on conventional electricity generated using fossil fuels or nuclear power plants.

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