World’s First Solar Powered Airport is Right Here in India

Solar power has done wonders to our lives. Not only it has brought positive impact on the planet but also reduced hefty electricity that we have been paying all this while. India has also started promoting this natural source of energy and today it has world’s first solar powered airport.

Cochin International Airport in Kerala is one of the busiest airport is now totally run on solar energy. In fact it has stopped paying electricity bills as thousands of solar panels spread across the airport site produces energy for it. Even though it had installed the panels three years ago, but the whole scenario changed when the airport management commissioned Bosch to replace the wasteland near the airport to a solar power plant. This plant built on 45 acres of land produces almost 60,000 units of electricity which is more than enough for the airport’s requirement.  Talks are now on to extend the plant further to provide power supply to the international terminal that is now under construction.

This initiative taken by the airport authorities has reduced the energy bill to one third and it is assumed that this plant will reduce 300,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from coal in the coming 25 years.  This move by Cochin airport has earned it a lot of accolades from far and wide. And it has also become an inspiration for all Indians, so much so that Kolkata International Airport now plans to set up 15MW power plant on 60 acres of land.

In the coming years, solar energy will be cheaper than coal, and this will lead to emergence of many more solar power plants. This will largely help in fighting pollution and restoring our natural resources.

It is just a matter of time and hope that India grows into one of the leading solar power producers, bringing great impact in the lives of its citizens.

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